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Vinyl siding is a great option if you are looking to renovate the exterior of your home. First, vinyl siding is budget friendly as it is one of the cheapest materials to upgrade with. Vinyl siding also comes in a variety of colors, stlyes, and textures like wood – minus the mold or decay. Another advantage of vinyl siding is it practically maintenance free. Cleaning vinyl siding is easy as well as you just need a hose to wash off dirt or debris.
Brick siding is one of my favorite options for upgrading your house siding. It has a timeless look that adds value to any home. Though brick is more expensive, it is extremely durable and will last a lifetime. Brick is highly fire resistant and you also do not have to worry about termites or rotting. Because of the durability, brick usually lowers home insurance so you can put more money back into your pocket. Brick never needs to be painted or refinished so maintenance is low as well!
Wood siding is great if you are searching for a more natural look for your home. It provides natural beauty that other materials cannot offer. Wood can be stained or painted to give you endless options that best fits your home. It easy to replace small sections of the house instead of replacing an entire panel like vinyl. Wood siding is easy to install as well so overall labor costs are reduced. The cost of wood siding is relatively low so those who have a tight budget may want to consider this option!
Fiber Cement is a great alternative for those wanting wood siding without the worry of rotting or decay like natural wood.  Fiber cement siding is typically more expesnive than vinyl siding but less then stucco. It is extremely durable, often outlasting other materials by decades. Fiber cement can be used in all climates but recommended for hot humid climates where wood siding is not ideal.
Stone siding  is the most classical, formal material on the market. Stone gives your house that look of elegance while being almost impenetrable. Stone resists all types of extreme weather making it so durable that is last even longer than a lifetime. Though it is one of the most expensive options, you never need to replace or maintenance, and that stone look is unbeatable!
Stucco siding is a popular option that you may see on some houses today. It is a common material used to reduce loud exterior noise. This is advantage to homeowners living on a crowded street or next to a busy highway. Stucco installation is versatile with many types of homes due to the variety of color options. Depending on your climate and how well you maintain it, stucco can last for 50+ years.