Is It Time To Remodel Or Sell Your Home?

When a homeowner finally think it’s time to look for a new home, they put the “for sale” sign out and begin their search. Others want a change but they are not sure what exactly that is. When you get to this situation do you move out or remodel?

Reason for Remodeling

If you are comfortable in the community that you are in, and your home fits all of your needs (e.i. enough bedrooms, bathrooms, yard size etc.) then you may want to consider just updating your home. Also, if your home is paid off, a remodel gives homeowners almost instant equity. Remodeling does not need to be expensive or over the top either. There are many minor things you can change that will still increase your houses value in case you may want to sell later. Below you can see renovations that bring the biggest return on investment:

  • Entry door replacement: 96.6 percent
  • Deck addition (wood): 87.4 percent
  • Attic bedroom: 84.3 percent
  • Garage door replacement: 83.7 percent
  • Minor kitchen remodel: 82.7 percent
Reason to Sell

First thing to evaluate if you are thinking of moving out is looking at your current floor plan. Does it fit all of your family’s needs? Is the house big enough for expecting children or guests in the near future? You want to have enough space that fits your lifestyle. You also want to check the housing market. Do you research and see if it’s a good time to sell? If you are looking to sell what do you update or leave alone in your home? You do not want to spend thousands of dollars on huge renovations if you are not going to be living there. Appliances, flooring, and cabinets are major updates that you should leave alone. Updating the lights, cleaning the carpets, and bathroom fixtures will do enough to get your house ready for the market. Painting the interior as well as cleaning up your outdoor landscape can go a long way too.

Next time you feel like something needs to change around your house, weigh out all possible options and choose the right one based on your family needs and lifestyle whether that is moving or just simply updating a few household items.