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Licensed & Insured

We have licensed and insured contractors to ensure you as a homeowner is covered in case of an accident or any unwanted leakage.


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Why Is It Important?

It is extremely important to waterproof your basement. First, it can be considered a health hazard as mold and mildew can set in if left untreated. It also increases the value of your home if your basement is sealed as it adds an extra room which is far less money than adding on an addition to your home. A dry basement can be used as additional living space, hobbies, or storage. Waterproofing your basement is also essential as you don’t want the structure of your home to fail due to basement being unsafe and wet from moisture.

Water Damage Signs

There are many signs that you may have water damage in your basement. Some signs are more obvious than others so take the precuations before they get out of hand. Obviously if you notice any puddles, damp spots, or peeling from the walls then you may have a water issue. If you notice any cracking or warping of walls or even a strange ordor coming from your basement, it may be time to call a professional basement waterproof contractor.


Costs of Damages

If left untreated, the costs of repairing your home after water damage can be hefty. A wet basement can erode the foundation of your home leaving you with a bigger mess than just some leaking water. It can also degrade the value of your home if left untreated. Besides the value of your home, it can be a potential health hazard if you basement is damp. This allows mold to grow in places that are hard to reach yet still harmful to you and your family. If you have any signs of mold of dampness, please call a waterproof contractor immediately.


Choose the Right Contractor

Waterproofing your home can be a difficult task so choosing the right contractor is key. It requires a significant amount of skills and experience so make sure the contractor you choose is licensed and insured. Research any reviews or check for references to make sure you get a reputable contractor. Also make sure you get a estimate beforehand along with a thorough inspection of your basement so the contractor knows exactly what needs to be done so no additonal fees are added on when the project is finished. Waterproofing your basement is tricky so make sure you do your research so it is sealed correctly the first time!