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Granite is the most popular kitchen countertop on the market. Known for its sleek, clean look, granite comes in many colors to fit any kitchen theme. It is heat and scratch resisitant making a durable option for your kitchen.

Marble is another great idea for kitchen countertops. Known for its beauty, marble is timeless and the color is unique to the stone. The most common marble is White Carrara which is one of the least expesnive marble options for kitchen countertops as well.

Quartz countertops are for those who are not as budget sensitive. Quartz is a classy option that is very durable and will not chip easily. It comes in a wide range of colors making it easy to match the style of your kitchen.


 Stock cabinets offer the fewest options for your kitchen but are the most cost friendly. Stock cabinets are usually unfinished, standard size, and ready to install. This is a great option if you on a time crunch or have a tight budget.

Semi-custom cabinets are the most common option for kitchens. They offer more modifications in the height, width, and finish. Customers still choose from a catalog but the variety of options is greater than a stock cabinet.

Custom cabinets are going to be the most expensive option but any type of style is available. Usualy locally made, custom cabinets are tailored to fit your home with the exact style, color, and size that you wish for. Each kitchen is one of a kind and finished are applied by hand.


Undermount sinks are a common sink used in upgrading a kitchen. Its unique design allows for more counter space and easy to clean due to no lip above the surface.

Self-rimming sinks are the typical sinks found in homes today. They provide a slight lip that is raised above the countertop. It is the easiest option for your kitchen and easy to install compared to other sinks.

Farmhouse sink is a larger sink with a deep bowl. It has exposed walls on the sides for extra room making it easier to wash your pots and pans  It is more of a country style sink but with a modern appearance.


Recessed lighting makes a room feel larger than it is. These lights are almost flushed with the ceiling above so it does not block your visuals. You can have multiple recessed lights in your ceiling allowing light to cover your entire room.

Track lights are another lighting option for you kitchen. These lights are inline on a track that sits above your kitchen. There are many benefits to track lighting including the freedom to direct the light where ever you choose. They are also easy to install and replace because they are exposed on the track unlike recessed lights that are in the wall.

Pendant lights are the most stylish option for your kitchen. With an unlimited range of color and design, you can find the right lighting the looks best. Adjusting the height also allows you to choose the right ambience of the room.