5 Tips on How to Keep Your Vinyl Siding Looking Clean

Winter is finally coming to an end and as spring approaches, it is time to break out your cleaning supplies. Usually during spring cleaning the inside of your house receives a much needed scrub but what about the outside of your house? If left neglected, your siding could build up with mildew and dirt overtime. So how do you keep your siding looking new? Here are 5 tips on how to keep your vinyl siding looking clean:

  • Clean Often. Your siding will naturally get dirty over time, but if you clean your siding on a regular basis it is much easier to maintain. Seems simple right? Actually it is. Vinyl siding is durable and easy to maintain if you stay on top of it. Using a simple cleaning solution and a rag should do the trick!
  • Cleaning Solution. Now be aware of what cleaning solution you use. Some may actually ruin your siding and make it look even worse than before. Using a more organic solution will work just as well and is significantly better for your house and the environment.
  • Potential Dangers. You must be mindful of putting things to close to your siding. Lawn mower debris is a great example because rocks or other sticks can hit the house causing it to crack. Siding can also be damaged by heat. If you like to grill, keep it a safe distance from the house. If you have to put down any chemicals or fertilizers for the lawn or insects, this could discolor your siding so be aware of that.
  • Cracks. Inspect for any cracks in your siding as this can cause moisture build up and/or mold, which could lead to serious structural damage.
  • Pressure Washers. This is a great fast way to remove any dirt or mildew from your house but you must careful. For certain siding, pressure washing may be too strong on the siding which could cause damage to your house.

Vinyl siding can be a great option for your home if kept clean. It is durable and can be easily maintained with simple cleaning supplies. Do not wait until next spring as you are just making more work for yourself (or your kids) so take out your rag and bucket and start scrubbing!